10 Years

Ten years ago this week I put the first Lost & Found comic strip up on the web. I've loved creating it and perhaps adding a smile to people's days here and there and I have no intention to stop drawing. Ever. But after ten years, I feel it is time to move on from L&F.

I've learned a lot from it and from watching fellow webcomic artists' successes and failures during this amazing dawn of a new media. Well, the time has come to take what I've learned and apply it to new projects.

I hope to see you there! Thanks to every one of you for reading Lost & Found.

posted by Matt  # 1/06/2010 11:17:00 PM
Thanks for entertaining us for 10 years. Sorry to see L&F going, though. Look forward to your future projects! Best of luck to you. :)
Aww :(
Oh well, not much to do about that I guess. Good luck in your future endeavours (+spelling :))
Thank you for making a first class comic.
I look forward to see what new will appear from you!
Wow - it really is a learning experience. And yes - smiles abound whenever I read through your strips. Eagerly awaiting your second gem of a comic. Here's to new projects!
Many thanks for 10 years of lol!
I'll certainly keep on eye out for you future comics.

All the best.
It was a great run Matt, Thanks for all the laffs. Now get back to work!
Darn these guys are going to be missed. Thanks for the great characters, the great stories, and the great price ;¬)
L+F was always a soft spot for me as it was the one of the few web-comics of 'the early years' that was not game or factasy/sci-fi themed - at least one of the few worth reading.

10 years. Wow, now i really am starting to feel old - it doesn't help you posted the day after I turned 40! L+F and I passed a whole decade together (or would have if i had been here from day 1!)

Wishing you success, and more importantly satisfaction, with whatever comes next. Here's hoping that can run another decade!
So... that's it? Oh well. It's been fun reading, and... see you!
PS: Thanks for everything! :)
wait ... what? but ... what happens next?
Thanks for fun comic.
Dude, seriously, what about wrapping stuff up. Especially bout Frank and Beth hooking up
You should know that your comic was fantastic attracting readers from all over the world and even though most of us have not said anything, we are very very sad that such a lovely story ended.
Thank you very much
It's over. No more Lost and Found Ever.

And it's about goddamn time, too.
I just found Lost and Found in an old bookmarks file, from about 2004, having nearly forgotten about it for the better part of the decade.

I read the entire archives and got to here, only to find that it had ended, and was quite disappointed. All great things come to an end, but how about a short epilogue? Think like the end of Animal House.
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