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The Cast
Frank Chase
Our hero, a private eye who runs Lost & Found Investagations out of his apartment just like those old-timey ones in old movies. 30-ish, single, smart and capable he is confident in his crime-fighting abilities -- it's his social ineptness with the dames that gives him the most trouble.

Frank's trusty wiseacre canine "partner". He has a nose for injustice and if any of the dames happen own a poodle, well that's just gravy.

Literally, the girl next door. Well, upstairs anyway. Intrigued by Frank's job (and boyish good looks) she tries to get closer to him. However, they seem continually stuck in the "Friend Zone" much to the dismay of both.

Max's Chihuahua buddy. Although he does not belong to Frank or Beth, he seems to come and go as he pleases.

Sheriff's Deputy and a friend to both Frank and Beth. She tries to toss Frank the odd case here and there as well as bring him in on ones that have the Department stumped. She's Beth's best friend, confidant and commiserator.

The County Sheriff. He don't like Frank much.

Evil Super-Genius. He don't like Frank much either. Suffering constantly from a searing headache, he seeks to share his misery with the world. Frank's most diabolical nemesis to date.

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